About zph


zph, a symbol represents a humanist, an observer, and a hacker who advocate individual liberty.


I embrace open-mindedness and critical thinking, so I like talking to people who have unique or strange insights without a traditional mindset.

I love exploring the world by traveling. Feeling like being in an “unpredictable stage” is one of my big pleasures.

Despite that, I still need my personal space domestically to enjoy other things I love—watching videos, anime, and listening to music. I want to live a vivid but kind and exquisite life, so I’m trying to do so.


Any third party that may prevent me from exercising my basic rights such as the freedom of speech will be rejected, resisted, and alienated.

I loathe groupthink and nationalism. Those who with these characteristics are considered to be the Crowd lost the ability to think in a normal or sound way.

Also, I strongly oppose any actions whatsoever for any purpose attempting to silence and unify expressions. Therefore, I’m anti organizations like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) all-around because of their evilness and sin against human beings.

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More information and contact can be found on zph.io.