Discord Would Be Dead

Discord used to be my favorite instant messenger. It’s well-designed, with no phone number required to sign up, and operated by an independent company that was seemingly good.

But today I got frustrated by a piece of news – Microsoft is now in talks to acquire Discord.

We all know WhatsApp’s bad end after it’s been owned by Facebook. We should have thought that when it came to be acquired by a company like that, probably it’s already destined for its whole life to be shrouded by evil. Microsoft is quite not an uncompromised firm either, with all its products being very gross, unusable, and, importantly, readily yielded to the communist dog. In this case, as soon as Discord becomes a part of Microsoft, Discord’s user data will no longer be considered secure anymore, and Discord will probably be a member of Microsoft’s shit product family. Of course, Discord itself that accepted such talks with the bad one is also unreasonable.

We gotta make a choice, whenever we encountered such a situation, to pick one of two from either privacy (and security) or convenience. Sadly, again, we might need to get away from this newly infected social app because it would cause us to live in anxiety under surveillance if we don’t. In this era that people should have benefited from the Internet and been more connected, however, we are forced to be more and more alienated. We have been in like a great escape from place to place to find shelter and protection against the wanton impingement by monopoly corporations.

In the past, I didn’t believe in people who said that commercial instant messaging products are ultimately unreliable. I thought it was a fallacious argument because I thought devils like Facebook could after all be the minority. But now I realized I’m wrong. Someone in Silicon Valley can always trade their soul for superficial vanity.

Fortunately, there’s also someone in this world always willing to fight against evil. Decentralized apps are maybe not the last light. But at least, we should know that ourselves, albeit faint, are exactly the original light source. It is we who can decide how to shine and where to shine. After all, all we want is to be connected with someone and not feel lonely – as long as it’s not endless darkness, the light can always reach the destination, even though without one social app.